Banquet Information

Banquet of Champions

The Banquet of Champions planned in conjunction with this year’s 13-Year-Old World Series will be held on Wednesday, August 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the Sheraton Springfield Hotel. Featured speaker will be Jim Penders, Head Baseball Coach, University of Connecticut. This will be spectacular event that you will not want to miss. There will be special recognition for the Regional Champions participating in the World Series.

Dress code for players will be baseball team shirts or dress shirts and khaki pants. No baseball hats!

Banquet Ticket Purchases

The league will be hosting a number of Babe Ruth officials as well as managers, coaches and players of participating teams. Followers will be charged a fee of $30.00 per adult and $20.00 for children twelve and under. Guaranteed seating is limited to 40 followers (i.e., not counting manager, coaches and players) for each team. Tickets must be purchased in advance, by submitting a form (attached) and payment as described below.

Each team should designate a Banquet Ticket Contact to coordinate banquet ticket purchases for team followers. We STRONGLY encourage one person to coordinate and make the purchase
for other team followers. If decisions need to be made to allocate the limited number of guaranteed seats, better that that be done by you and not us! We will be forced to cut off
guaranteed seating at 40, even if only a handful of families claim all of the seats! If one person coordinates banquet ticket purchases for all team followers, a waiting list can be maintained and shared with us. If additional seats open up, we will notify, by Thursday, August 1 (the day after reservation orders and payments are due) any team that has filled the 40 seat maximum.

Ticket Reservation Form

Your completed Banquet Ticket Registration form, listing followers wanting tickets together with your check(s) for payment should be returned by Federal Express to Dan Welch no later than Wednesday, July 31 (see form for mailing address and instructions).

Shertaton Springfield Hotel

The Sheraton Springfield Hotel, is located at 1 Monarch Place, in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. The Sheraton, our World Series host hotel and a major series sponsor, is the premier hotel in the area. To learn more about the hotel, go to