World Series Weather Forecast

Nature finally hits a home run for the remainder of the series.

by Meteorologist Nick Morganelli    

Updated: Thu. Aug. 18th, 4 pmnick

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We had heat related issues due to feel-like temperatures (heat index) over 100 on several days. Today is a hot one, but with an evening game, sun and heat are not an issue. Here are some ideas to stay cool and prevent heat related issues. Keep these in mind for next season and beyond.

1.cold wet towel on neck while in dugout

2. wet head frequently, and hat as well especially prior to taking the field

3. taking hat off while in dugout will allow body to cool

4. drink lots of water, sports drinks help replenish electrolytes (salts) in the body

If you do not feel well, let your coaches know immediately.

This Evening: Championship game temperatures 84 cooling to 74 with any spotty sprinkles ending as the sky clears. Moonlit and very comfortable with a light westerly breeze.


High pressure strengthens Friday with comfortable humidity levels and mostly clear sky. Good weather for flights home!

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